bout the country:

We have 3,000 square miles of wilderness, accessible by float plane or horse, in the remote Northern Cassiar Mountains. The area varies from lowlands to high alpine country, mingled with mountains and lakes. It is our exclusive guided hunting area, with wildlife abundant in areas that have never been hunted before. Our hunting area is just north and east of Atlin, British Columbia and reaches up to the Yukon border on the north, Atlin Lake on the west.

Our clients can get to us one of two ways.
Most of our clients need to fly commercially to Whitehorse,Yukon. We or a representative of ours will meet you upon your arrival for the drive to Atlin, BC, which is approximately 2 hours.
Some of our clients elect to drive up the Alaska highway and we are located one hour south of the Alaska highway.

We have 8 cabin camps
throughout the area, along with 3 permanent wall tent camps set up.  All of these camps come fully prepared for cooking, sleeping and are heated by wood burning stoves.

Base & spike camps
are located deep in the bush, 30 to 100 miles by horse.  Hunters are flown in by float plane from Atlin, when and where possible.