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Album II
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 On a Snowy Day in 1999, this fine caribou was taken by
Dan Burdett of Marble Falls, Texas (left) with Jamie Schumacher.

In mid-August of 1997, Ken Steers of Sacramento, California
earned this handsome bull.

Texan Buck Burdett (right) with Jamie and the 54" bull
that Buck took in September,1998.

Line Lake base camp: the cookhouse is in the background behind two of the five snug cabins.

Debbie Bingham of Salt Lake City, Utah braved the
October chill to take this ram in 1996.  Her Sheep's
horns measured 35" x 141/4" bases.
It can be right cold in October, but we do exceptionally
well if you're looking for a long haired Stone sheep.


Stones. Snow. Stone Sheep. Perfect.
Russ Brice from Santa Ana, California
with his trophy taken in 1998.

This typically colored Stone Sheep was taken by Tim Neal
who hails from Flagstaff, Arizona. Tim Harvested his ram
on the first day of his hunt.
The ram taped out at 361/2" x 14" bases.

The spike camp at Lincoln Lake

James Potter of Yorba Linda, California
connected with this fine 361/2" x 135/8" ram
on the ninth day of his mid-September hunt in 1998.

Darcy Wakaluk (left) took this 53" moose in October of 1999.
He also took a 10" billy goat and a stone sheep on the same trip.

In 1998, Mac McMillin took this fine 56" Bull on the first day
of the hunt . His partner also shot a 54" moose on the fifth day.
Altogether we saw ten to twelve Bull Moose.

Jimmy Boytim from Marblehead, Ohio harvested a moose
as well as this billy. His partner harvested a Moose
and a Goat on this trip in 1994.

Doug Hart of Arcata, California took this Stone Ram
on the second day of hunting 1n 1998.
It measured 36 1/2" x 14 1/2" bases.

This 8' Mountain Grizzly boar was taken in 1995 by Tom Aikum.
Tom, who hails from North Royalton, Ohio, also harvested
a moose and a wolf on his hunt.

Backpacking Out in October. One out of ten ram hunts
are backpack hunts, the rest are horseback hunts.
This ram measured 381/2" x 14" bases.

Would you like to see yourself with a fine trophy on these pages?
We sure would.  If you're ready for the real thing: a tough but exciting fair chase hunt in hauntingly beautiful country, get in touch with us.

Jamie & Kate Schumacher

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