Trophy Mountain Goat Hunting

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Mountain GoatThe Cassiar Mountains of northern British Columbia feature one of the largest populations of mountain goats in Canada. Approximately 90% of the Canada’s goat population resides in the mountainous areas of British Columbia and Yukon.

Mountain goat hunting season runs from August 1st to early October. Guided hunting for mountain goats occur are the same times as moose, caribou, stone sheep, black bear, and grizzly bear hunting seasons. There is truly an opportunity for multiple species at the same time as your mountain goat hunting trip.

Typical mountain goat hunting takes place on horseback or backpacking. Horse trips will obviously reduce the amount of work required to harvest a goat. Despite that, you must be in top condition for long hours of walking and hiking with heavy backpacks, and across rugged terrain on your quest for a trophy.

More About the Mountain Goat

Mountain goats have specially developed hooves for steep climbing. The outer edges are hard, and they have softer central pads to provide grip on steep rocky terrain. Their diet consists mainly of grass, brouse, and forbs.

The average mountain goat in this region has horn lengths of 9.5 inches, plus or minus an inch. A mountain goat will use a soft grunt to call out, can live up to a typical age of 11 years old.

A full grown adult can stand 38 inches high at the shoulders, and weigh up to 270 pounds. The Boone & Crockett record mountain goat comes in at a 56 6/8.