Trophy Mountain Caribou Hunts

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Alaskan CaribouThe Mountain Caribou is one of the most popular and requested animals to hunt in the Indian River region. This is a magnificent animal and you will have to work very hard to have the honor and opportunity to kill one.

The current Boone & Crockett record caribou comes in at a score of 452. The caribou in the vicinity of the IRR have been found to be in the range of 325-400 B&C range.

The Mountain Caribou is a close relative of the Woodland and Barren ground caribou, and can be found living across the southern Yukon, British Columbia, and even parts of the Northwest Territory. They can weigh up to 600 pounds, and stand 49 inches tall at the shoulders. These caribou can live to be 15 years old or more, and survive on a diet of lichen, shrubs, and grass that is so plentiful in this area.

Due to the geography and habitat of the caribou, you can expect to go on a fly-in hunt. The time frame for this kind of hunt is from the middle of August to the end of September. It is a very short window of opportunity, but we always recommend you consider combining a caribou hunt with mountain goat and moose. This way you’ll have the best chance at a successful hunt.