Canadian Moose Hunting

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Bull Canadian MooseThe Canadian Moose makes up for its poor vision with an acute sense of smell.  So long as a hunter can remain stationary and downwind, the Moose will not feel danger.

Hunters can expect success in taking a 50 inch spread moose 9 out of 10 times.  The average Moose in the Indian River area have been measuring an antler spread of over 52 inches, and a Boone and Crockett score of 195 minimum.  However, you have the distinct possibility of seeing and bagging a moose with a spread approaching, or surpassing 60 inches.

To maintain this level of high quality Canadian moose hunting, we only harvest 4 or 5 animals each year, and as a result have to limit the amount of hunters we take on a Moose trip.  Without this, we would not be able to maintain this level of opportunity for Canadian Moose.

The Canadian Moose hunting season is usually from August 20th to November 15th, and are usually fly-in only.  The camps and lodges will be your home base for the hunts, and on budget hunts, you will be expected to help with camp chores like cooking, chopping firewood.

As an added bonus, the moose hunting season in the upper B.C. is also a prime time for a combination hunt targeting mountain goats, bear, mountain caribou, and even wolves.