The Indian River Ranch is a hunters paradise, covering over 4,000 square miles of remote wilderness. The Indian River is due east of Atlin, British Columbia, stretching north to the border of the Yukon.

Due to the high mountain terrain of the Cassiar Mountain range, the ranch is only reachable by horse and float plane.

This is a very special hunting land, requiring guided trips, with plentiful wildlife to be found near Atlin Lake, as well as the low lying valleys, and up into the rugged high country.

To reach the base camp, you will want to make the drive up the Alaskan Highway, or fly directly to the airport in Whitehorse, Yukon, where we can pick you up. From there it is a 2 hour drive to your destination.

The cabins and camps are scattered across the wilderness, anywhere from 20-100 miles in country. Each camp is heated by wood stove, and fully outfitted for your cooking and sleeping comfort.

Featured Game

Guided hunts in the region feature many of the premier big game found in North America, including Canadian Moose, Mountain Caribou, Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, Stone Sheep, and Mountain Goat.

Here is an excellent short video displaying the amazing, rugged, and challenging environments you can hunt in throughout the Cassiar Mountains.

Trophy Hunting Opportunities

Trophy Mountain Goat Hunting

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Canadian Moose Hunting

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